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20% Off Polish Pottery - The Amish Home

Bleeding Heart Serving Tray, Cobblestone Pedestal Bowl
Peacock Pie Plate, Bleeding Heart Covered Casserole
The Amish Home prefers Ceramika Artystyczna over other pottery brands on our distributor's site.
Great news!
We’re very excited to announce that our Polish Pottery distributor has set up a website to allow our customers to shop Polish Pottery online while you’re unable to shop in our store. Click on the link below and make sure to enter our discount code AMISH20 on the checkout screen to get 20% off your total purchase plus free shipping over $99. Just remember that you don’t get the discount, and The Amish Home doesn’t get the credit, if you don’t use our code AMISH20 on the checkout screen. Pottery will ship directly from our distributor to your home.
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