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Hand using soft white cloth to dust wood furniture
heirloom essentials



While your beautiful furniture from The Amish Home might look right at home in a museum, it is crafted for everyday home wear and tear. That's why, along with using the finest woods, our craftsmen make sure the finish will stand up to real life. Fortunately, just a little easy maintenance will keep your hardwood furniture looking good for years to come.



A damp cloth is really all you need to keep your hardwood furniture looking great. Dry dusting or wiping can harm the finish by scratching small dirt particles into the surface. For occasional cleaning and polishing, we recommend Woodwright Heirloom Essentials, which contains no wax or silicone, which means it will not build-up or leave a film. Woodwright Heirloom Essentials are available for purchase in our showroom in more than 10 delectable fragrances.



It is best to limit your new hardwood furniture's exposure to sunlight, as it can discolor the color of the finish.Your furniture can also be damaged by being placed too near a heat vent or register. Be sure to place your furniture in an area where there is adequate air circulation.



If the humidity in your home is too low, it can cause your hardwood furniture to dry out. In contrast, high levels of humidity may result in swelling and warping. By keeping the relative humidity in your home to around 40-45%, you'll have the ideal environment for preserving your furniture.

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