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6 Ways to Store your Jewelry

Few things are more personal than our jewelry collections. Special gifts and heirloom pieces become precious treasures that remind us of loved ones. The Amish Home has plenty of options for jewelry storage, from stand-alone pieces to options incorporated into other furniture.

Jewelry Armoires

Oak jewelry armoires in Shaker, Mission, and Queen Anne styles

18 ½”W x 13”D x 48”H

Jewelry armoires are always a popular choice for storing treasured items. While we do have a few styles designed to match certain bedroom sets, like everything we sell, you can mix-and-match to suit your taste. We’ll get them finished in the same stain and hardware as the rest of your set.

The features of the jewelry armoires will vary by style. Some have longer side doors for extra hanging necklaces, some have larger drawers at the bottom for extra accessory storage. All styles feature a flip-up top with velvet-lined storage and a mirror inside.

The Plymouth Jewelry Armoire is shown in rustic cherry

First Drawer: Ring Bar •Second, Third, Fourth Drawers: Wooden Dividers • Fifth, Sixth drawers: Plain Velvet Bottom

19”W x 16 ¾”D x 48”H

These jewelry armoires offer plenty of potential for personalization! You can upgrade to different velvet colors or hardware options. You can add locks, full-extension drawer slides, and even change which drawers have ring bars, bracelet trays, or wooden dividers.

The Clockbase Deluxe Jewelry Armoire is shown in oak

18 ½”W x 13”D x 48”H

Added Jewelry Storage in Other Furniture Pieces

Not everyone has room for dedicated jewelry storage furniture pieces in their bedrooms. For this reason, our builders have designed a few excellent options for incorporating jewelry storage into their bigger pieces. One common way to do this is to add a small row of jewelry drawers to the top of a dresser, under the mirror.

The Crescent bedroom collection is shown with optional jewelry box mirror

If you prefer something a little more discreet, our builders can also hide a jewelry drawer inside a dresser or chest. Basically, by shortening the sides of the drawer box, a sliding tray can be added behind the drawer front, giving a seamless look when the drawer is closed.

An optional hidden jewelry drawer in our Kingston Bedroom Set

Available on some models, see store for details

Another discreet option is to add slide-out wings in the dresser mirror. Because these slide-out wings are hidden behind the dresser mirror, they are slim and feature hooks for hanging storage, with some limited space for tray-style storage.

A dresser mirror with slide-out jewelry wings

This simple style can be stained to match any bedroom suite

Jewelry Vanities

Our jewelry vanities are new for Fall 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited about the options! By taking the popular features from is jewelry armoire line and incorporating them into his dressing table line, he’s come up with a wonderful selection of seated vanities, perfect for your morning routine!

The Plymouth Jewelry Vanity, closed, shown in rustic cherry

50”W x 19”D x 62”H

Like our jewelry armoires, these dressing tables feature slide-out panels for hanging necklaces, plus velvet-lined drawers with ring bars, bracelet sorters, and wooden dividers. There’s even a matching stool with storage under the seat!

The Plymouth Jewelry Vanity includes hooks for hanging necklaces, plus ring bars, bracelet sorters, and wooden dividers

Jewelry Chevals

The Antique Shaker Jewelry Cheval is shown in cherry

26”W x 18”D x 65 ½”H

Jewelry chevals are hugely popular nowadays! Not only are they a convenient 2-in-1 solution, but they hide your jewelry collection discreetly. You can even add a lock for increased security.

Our Traditional Shaker Jewelry Cheval is shown in brown maple

26”W x 18”D x 69”H

The problem with most available jewelry chevals is that they have a swinging door. Ours instead feature a sliding door. This means that the mirror is still facing you as you select & put on your jewelry.

Our Traditional Shaker Jewelry Cheval is shown in rustic cherry with optional earring door

26”W x 18”D x 69”H

As always, this is only a small fraction of the ways we can help you organize your jewelry collection! Stop by our showroom in the mall at Pittsburgh Mills to see our full range of options!

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