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What Are the Pros and Cons of Cypress Porch Furniture?

We are very excited to introduce outdoor furniture made from cypress wood. These items are comfortable, beautiful, strong, and reliable. We expect you to enjoy your cypress outdoor furniture for many years. What are the pros and cons of cypress wood for outdoor furniture?

Cypress Adirondack Chairs in Tuscan (left) and Adobe (right) stains on display in our showroom in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

Cypress is an easy and forgiving wood to work with. Jay, the builder, commented on how tools interact easily with the wood. This creates less waste per project which means better prices. It is attractive, and takes stains and paints easily and evenly.

Cypress wood is known as porch, patio, and deck furniture. You can use it in your yard, but it needs to dry in sun. It is not recommended to be kept in unprotected areas of heavy shade, such under a tree that blocks all sunlight. And don’t let the legs of your furniture get stuck in the mud. Jay warns that leaving pieces on wet ground for too long can leave the legs vulnerable. Try to store your pieces on a hard, dry surface to ensure the longest life possible.

Cypress Porch Rockers in White Paint

Cypress furniture doesn’t need to be covered. If your chairs get plenty of sunlight, they can also get plenty wet. The cypress tree grows in and around water. The Mississippi Valley riverbanks are lined with them. The tree has a unique root system that helps it thrive in wet conditions.

Robertson Millpond Cypress Swamp

You can leave your furniture outside all year long. You might not have room inside for your Adirondack chairs when the weather turns. Jay recommends leaving your furniture on your porch, deck, or patio year-round. The rain, snow, and ice that is so common here in Pittsburgh will add character and depth to the stain or paint color you have chosen.

Cypress Rocker & End Table in Tuscan stain

Bugs do not like the smell of cypress wood. The smell is almost undetectable to human noses, but it repels bugs naturally. Landscapers use cypress mulch, not only because it looks great and does not rot, but because it naturally repels insects. It is also termite proof!

It is American made from American wood. We pride ourselves on selling the very best solid wood furniture made by Amish craftsman in Holmes County, Ohio. You’ll feel proud to own hand built American made outdoor furniture.

Cypress Adirondack Chairs in Barn Red paint

This month, Early Birds can save 5% off these beautiful cypress Adirondack chairs & rockers in your choice of 15 finishes. Regular price is $340 each. Offer valid only on special-order cypress porch furniture, orders will be delivered by April 4. Expires 2/28/2023.

We are thrilled to have Jay building these wonderful Adirondack chairs and porch rockers. They are stunning and we are once again blown away by the quality of craftsmanship our builders exhibit. Visit us in the Pittsburgh Mills mall to take a seat in these great chairs.

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