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What else is Cypress used for?

We hope you’ve gotten a chance to check out our beautiful new cypress Adirondack chairs & porch rockers. We’ve been talking a lot about the pros and cons of cypress outdoor furniture, and it got us thinking: What else is cypress used for?

Native Americans used cypress to make many things, including canoes. They found the wood was easy to shape & resisted water damage more than any of the other woods they had to choose from.

Farmers in southern states use cypress for fencing & water troughs. The farmers knew they could use cypress wood to make these items & not have to replace them for decades.

Cypress is commonly used in water construction projects such as boat docks & piers. It is also used in the building of covered bridges throughout many eastern & southern states.

Cypress is a natural bug repellent. Landscapers use cypress mulch, not only because it looks great & does not rot, but because it naturally repels insects. It is also termite proof!

Cypress wood has been used in many outdoor stadium seating projects & has also been used in countless local parks & recreation sites. Whether you are watching Major League baseball or your local Little League team, chances are you are sitting on cypress.

Cypress has become a go to material for building decks. Contractors appreciate not only the look & affordability of the wood but its high level of rot resistance. They also know that whether it is stained, painted or unfinished, the wood just gains character over time.

Both Union Pacific & Southern Pacific railroad companies use cypress wood to manufacture railroad ties for use on their tracks in the eastern half of the country.

Early settlers used cypress in the construction of their log homes. That is why the wood is one of the top choices for people building log homes today. There are many log homes built in the late 1700s that are still standing today.

See our Cypress Porch Furniture in our showroom in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills and at Steel Goat Marketplace in Penn Hills

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