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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us & the Amish

Where are your products made?

Our furniture is all crafted in Holmes County, Ohio.  The Amish community in that area is considered the leader in the furniture industry.

Is this stuff really Amish?

All of our furniture is really built by the Amish.  We work with a network of about 50 different builders and finishers.

Are you Amish?

The store owners and employees are not Amish.  We are simply retailers that specialize in Amish furniture.  However, our business has built a strong relationship with the Amish community, enabling us to better connect our customers with their products.

Why buy Amish furniture?

There are a number of reason to buy Amish.  First and foremost is the quality and solid hardwood construction.  Second is the selection offered, with hundreds of styles and options, each built in your choice of wood and stain.  Finally, you can feel good knowing you’re buying an American-made product and supporting local small businesses.


Visiting Our Showroom

Where are you located?

We are located in the mall at Pittsburgh Mills, between JC Penney & Dicks.  We recommend entering through Door #2, then turn right as you enter the mall.  Our showroom will be located on your left.

When are you open?

We do not carry the mall hours, so please be sure to visit when we’re open!  We open at 10:00AM Monday through Saturday, and close at 5:00PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, 8:00PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  We stay closed on Sundays to respect our Amish craftsmen’s wishes.  We also close on and around most major holidays.  For holiday hours, please call 724-895-3805 or check our homepage or our Facebook page.

Can you send me a catalog?

Sorry, we do not offer a take-home catalog, however we do keep catalogs for all builders in-store.  We’ll happily put together information for you to take home on the pieces you are considering.

Can I take home stain or fabric samples?

Sadly, we are not equipped to allow you to take home samples.  If possible, we recommend bringing samples of any existing pieces (removable doors, drawers, fabric swatches, etc.) to help coordinate.


Making Your Selections & Placing Your Order

What options are available?

Options will vary depending on the piece, but, in general, all furniture is available in your choice of wood (oak, brown maple, cherry, quartersawn white oak, rustic cherry, and rustic quartersawn oak) and stain.  Other common options include choices in size, hardware, and fabric.  Talk to an associate to learn about your options on any given piece.

What will my finished piece look like?

The furniture you receive may be different in appearance from the items on the showroom floor.  Every piece of wood is different in its grain pattern, ability to accept the chosen stain, and its individual characteristics.  These are the special characteristics of natural wood furniture.  The wood used in the furniture may contain knots, pits, pin holes, differences in color or grain pattern, etc.  These are not defects in the material, but part of the natural beauty of real wood.  Also, because each piece of wood accepts stain differently, the colors on your furniture will not be exactly the same as items on the showroom floor.  All furniture is handcrafted, and so your furniture will be unique.  No two pieces are identical.

What if I don’t like my finished piece?

Except in the case of a mistake or defect, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any customer dissatisfaction for their choice of stain, hardware, size, style, options, etc., on their furniture.  All pieces are built to order, so please be sure you are comfortable with your choices.

Will they build me a custom piece?

Although all pieces are built-to-order, we do not offer custom built furniture.  However, we can usually find a piece in one of our collections that comes close to what you have in mind.  Our builders can often make minor adjustments to their designs to suit your needs.  Our associates can assist you with this process.

Can I mix-and-match pieces from different collections & builders?

Absolutely!  Not only do we let you mix-and-match, we encourage it.  Each piece is sold separately, allowing you to choose only what you want and need.  It is very common, for example, to choose a bed from one collection to match the dresser of another collection, or to select a TV stand with a different table group.  In other cases, like most dining rooms, our table builder only builds tables, our chair builder only builds chairs, et cetera, so every piece is mix-and-match.  We send everything to one finish shop, and full sets are finished together, so you can mix-and-match with everything coming out consistent. 

Can I add more pieces later?

Yes, you can certainly add more pieces later.  Our stains are certified, meaning that they will appear consistent, year after year. It is preferable, whenever possible, to build and finish an entire set at one time, but any color differences will be so slight that it won’t be very noticeable.  We keep your information on file, so we’ll be able to look up the style numbers and finishes of your previous purchases.

Can I buy the floor model?

Sometimes.  For the most part, we are a special-order business, and need our display models to show available selections, finishes, and features.  For this reason, we only offer some of our display models for sale.  You will find pink tags on available floor model specials.

Can I order online or over the phone?

Sorry, but we can only accept orders placed in store with one of our associates.  Our products are built-to-order, with a number of options available, and it is imperative that all items & selections are understood before placing an order.  We cannot accept returns due to dissatisfaction in selections, and thus require all orders be signed in person.


Deliveries & Pick-Ups

How long will my order take?

Our pieces are built-to-order, not from our stock, and quality handcrafting takes time.  It will depend on what you order, but we estimate that most orders will be delivered within 60-120 days.  This time frame is approximate, and cannot be guaranteed.

What is the payment process?

Furniture orders require 25% down, with the balance due upon delivery.  We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Floor models require payment in full to hold.

How can I check the status of my order?

Status checks are not available until 90 days after your order is placed.  Our Amish craftsmen do not have phones, computers, or websites, so contact can be slow.  Once you are past the 90 day time frame, call the store and we will be happy to get in touch with our builders.

Is shipping included in the price?

Our prices include pick-up from our builder and shipping to our local delivery service.  Delivery to your home, or to our store for pick-up, is not included in the price.  Our associates will determine your shipping costs based on your delivery location and the size of your order.

Do you deliver?  What is the delivery process?

Furniture deliveries are scheduled approximately once a month.  When your merchandise is ready, we will call you approximately one week in advance with the delivery date.  If you are unavailable, or unable to schedule a trusted person, to accept delivery, we will deliver your merchandise on our next delivery run.  After the truck is routed, we will call you with a 2-4 hour estimated time window for your delivery.  Once this is established, you are responsible for being available, or having an agent available, to accept delivery.  If you are not available during the scheduled time frame, you may be charged an additional delivery fee. 

What is included in the delivery?

The delivery drivers will do basic set-up in the prepared room.  This includes basic table assembly, attaching mirrors to dressers, etc. It does not include adjusting levelers, installing shelves (into bookcases, china cabinets, etc.), or hooking up electrical components, etc.  It also does not include moving existing furniture.

What must I do to prepare for delivery?

It is the customer’s responsibility to clear any existing pieces from the area.   It is also important to measure to ensure furniture will fit through any doors, hallways, and stairwells.  Our delivery service will make a reasonable effort to deliver all furniture.  However, this does not include moving furniture or removing doors, door frames, railings, or other built-in components.  Furniture that does not fit cannot be returned and does not qualify for a refund.  Please see your sales person for dimensions of the furniture if there are any questions on sizes of pieces.

How far will you deliver?

Our local delivery zone covers Pittsburgh and suburbs to the north and east, but we will deliver throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region.  We can also arrange for long-distance delivery through a national shipper.  Customer is responsible for all shipping and delivery fees.

Can I pick-up my furniture?

Some smaller items may be eligible for pick-up at the mall, but large items or sets must be delivered directly to your home.  Shipping to the store is not included in the base price, and we are unable to ship-to-store for free, but store pick-up for eligible items will be less expensive than home delivery.  Customers who have opted to pick up furniture must do so within 30 days of notification that the merchandise is available or there may be a storage fee assessed to the order. 

What do I do when I come to pick up furniture?

Customers coming to pick up furniture pieces should enter the store through a public entrance to the mall (we recommend parking near and entering through Door #2).  Once we’ve finalized your paperwork, we will direct you to the loading dock.  It is your responsibility to bring the necessary manpower (at least two people) to transport your merchandise to your vehicle, as our salespeople cannot leave the store unattended to assist you.  We highly recommend you bring moving pads or blankets to protect your furniture during transport.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage during transportation.  You will be expected to inspect and sign off on your pieces before taking them from the store.


Warranties & Services

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a one year warranty on furniture from the date of delivery.  This warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials.  At our option, we will repair or replace the item.  Warranty does not apply to abuse or mistreatment, including sun or humidity damage or discoloration.

Can you send the Amish to my house to fix or build something?

No.  Our Amish builders are located in Ohio, and only work in their own shops, on their own furniture pieces.  We do not have contacts with any local Amish men or any Amish contractors.  We only sell furniture and only work with the Amish furniture industry.

Can you send my old furniture out to be repaired or refinished?

Outside of rare warranty issues, we do not send furniture to our builders.  It is occasionally possible to ship one of our pieces to the original builder for refinishing; however, it is typically cost-prohibitive.  We cannot service antique furniture or anything purchased elsewhere.

Can you get me parts for an old piece of furniture?

If you purchased the furniture from us, we will be happy to order replacement hardware, drawer glides, additional cushions, etc.  Unless covered by warranty, the customer will be responsible for parts costs and shipping.  We cannot provide parts, hardware, cushions, et cetera, for antiques or furniture purchased elsewhere.





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