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Pittsburgh Polish Pottery

at The Amish Home

Handcrafted and high quality – it’s why you love our Amish furniture, and why we know you’ll love our Polish Pottery selection!

Polish pottery is decorated using sponge stamps to paint colorful glaze designs. Artists carve these stamps by hand, and each color and pattern is stamped individually. Early designs were inspired by Art Nouveau and later Art Deco movements, such as the Peacock’s Eye motif, which is still incredibly popular today. The traditional color schemes of blue and green on white backgrounds have expanded to include yellows, reds, grays, and even sometimes purples and black. Because the patterns are hand-stamped, each piece is unique, with variations in color and pattern being not only expected, but prized.

Artisans have been taking advantage of plentiful natural clay deposits in the area now known as Boleslawiec, Poland, since as early as the 14th century. This high feldspar and silicone clay is fired at extremely high temperatures to create a strong, durable stoneware, made watertight with a cadmium- and lead-free glaze. Authentic Boleslawiec ceramics are typically stamped with a B.

Plus, because it's so durable, you can use your beloved pieces every day. Polish pottery is oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches & chips. If you've ever baked with stoneware, you know it's your best bet for even heat distribution for beautifully browned crusts and uniformly cooked casseroles.

The most accomplished Polish Pottery artisans can become Certified Master Artists. In addition to training apprentice artists, the Certified Master Artists design and produce their own signature “Unikat” patterns. These Unikat pieces often feature more colors, sometimes with brushed colors in addition to the stamping. These rare pieces are coveted and collectable.

Polish pottery is produced in a wide variety of shapes to serve many functions, including:​

  • Everyday dinnerware - plates, bowl, and mugs

  • Service ware - platters and pitchers

  • Decorative items -  napkin holders, vases, and ring dishes

and so much more!

Stop by The Amish Home in the mall at Pittsburgh Mills to view our collection of stunning Polish Pottery. We only carry Quality 1 pieces from Ceramika Artystyczna, with a great selection of patterns and shapes available. Check out our traditional and Unikat patterns on plates, bowls, mugs, bakers, vases, teapots, pitchers, and so much more!

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