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  • Chelsea J Marshall

We Are Not Running Out Of Trees

The following was adapted from Edward Beachy’s June 2018 newsletter. Edward builds our popular Sullivan Bedroom Furniture Collection and Country Home Office Furniture Collection. Source: American Hardwoods Collection

We are not running out of trees: Harvesting levels are far below the levels of growth. Nearly twice as much hardwood grows each year than is harvested in the US. For this reason, the volume of hardwood forests today is 131 percent larger than it was in 1953.

Harvesting best practices: Foresters adapt their harvesting methods to the climatic conditions and unique requirements of each location. Quite often, the preferred harvesting method is single-tree selection, where foresters mark individual trees for removal and a crew follows later to take down the marked trees. In practice for decades, this harvesting method improves growing conditions while enhancing the habitat for wildlife.

Responsible manufacturing: Once taken to a sawmill for primary processing, virtually every part of a log is used, and advanced manufacturing technology ensures the least wood waste and the greatest yield of lumber.

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