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Why should I buy a Country View Furniture Sofa?

If you’re in the market for a new sofa, there’s a good chance you feel overwhelmed. There are nearly endless options available. Our store now offers Amish-crafted sofas from Country View Furniture of Indiana. These sofas are ideal for a customer who values quality over trends and is looking to invest in luxury at a fair price point. Why should you buy a Country View sofa?

Solid Poplar Frames and Drop-In Coil Seat Springs

Solid Poplar Frames

A solid wood frame is the gold standard foundation for a durable sofa. Sofas made from kiln-dried or treated hardwood are very durable and can last for 20+ years. Poplar is considered a “utility wood,” meaning its value is in its durability, but it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Country View Furniture only uses solid poplar wood frames on all their upholstered furniture.

Most people are shocked to learn how much mass-produced furniture is made with cardboard! Other sofas have frames built from engineered wood, MDF, or cheap plywood. Metal sofa frames offer slightly more durability but come at a higher price point.

Bargain furniture stores, like Levin, Value City, and Bob’s, rarely tell you exactly what your sofa frame is built from. Ikea’s list of frame materials includes particleboard, plywood, laminated veneer lumber, and fiberboard. Better brands will often use terms like “engineered wood” to confuse the consumer. Engineered wood can be made with real wood, scrap wood, shredded wood fibers, and/or sawdust. Engineered wood can be very durable, or very low quality.

800 Collection Sofa shown with Leather upholstery

Drop-In Coil Seat Springs

Country View sofas use drop-in coil spring units. These are grids of upright coils connected with wire and installed inside the hardwood frame. Drop-in coils are typically seen as an economical alternative to top-of-the-line eight-way hand-tie coils. Drop-in coils offer the comfort, durability, and support of eight-way-hand-tie, but with easier (thus less expensive) assembly & installation. Drop-in springs provide firm support, distribute weight evenly, and are not prone to sagging.

The most common sofas use sinuous springs, or wire bent into an S-shaped pattern and anchored to the sofa frame. Sinuous springs are manufactured at very different quality levels. You will find sinuous springs in a $200 sofa from Wayfair or a $6500 sofa from Pottery Barn. Higher quality sinuous spring units may use thicker gauge wire, shorter S-curves, or guide wires to make their seats more sturdy, supportive, and durable. Lower quality sinuous springs are more likely to detach, break, or sag with age.

Eight-way hand-tied coils are considered the gold standard in upholstery seat coils. In this method, coils are installed individually, and are tied with twine to each neighboring coil – left, right, up, down, and each diagonal. This creates a network of coils, similar to the drop-in coil units, which work together to create a sturdy and supportive seat. Eight-way hand-tied sofas can be difficult to find, because their labor-intensive construction necessitates a high price point which puts it out of reach of the average consumer. These sofas are usually purchased in luxury stores or through an interior designer.

500 Collection Sofa & Loveseat with Martin's Swivel Glider Chair, on display in our showroom in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

Premium Foam

Country View sofas use high-resiliency, high-density 2.8lb foam. Density means the weight of one cubic foot of foam. High resiliency means the foam has been treated with an additional processing that makes it hold up longer. Density & resiliency indicate the foam’s durability over time, but are not indicators of a sofa’s feel. Country View sofas are available with standard, soft, or firm cushions.

Foam with a 2.5lb-3.5lb density is generally considered high quality. Most brands simply state “high density” without specifying the actual density of their foam. In many cases, like Ashley, Bassett, and Arhaus, the term “high density” without a number usually indicates 1.8lb density foam. Ikea is impressively clear on their foam density, which can range from 1.2 on their lowest end, up to 2.2 on their better sofas. Higher-end brands, like Smith Brothers and Hancock & Moore, typically use 2.5lb density foam.

When new, a sofa with low density foam can look & feel identical to a sofa with high quality foam. Some brands will use a firmer foam to try to trick the customer. But a high-quality foam can extend the life of a sofa by two to three times.

900 Collection Sofa & Chair

Buying from Us

When you visit our showroom to buy a sofa, the first thing we’ll do is invite you to have a seat. We’re here to answer all of your questions, and when we don’t know the answers, we get the correct information. We can help guide you through fabric selections, recliner upgrades, sectional layouts, and more. Visit us in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills to see if a Country View sofa is right for your home.


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