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How Much Does Amish Bedroom Furniture Cost?

Amish bedroom furniture can seem like a big investment for many people, but at The Amish Home, we try to offer a variety of options to fit many budgets. Unfortunately, sometimes those options can become overwhelming, so it helps to have a guide to explain how these options determine the final price of your new bedroom set.

First of all, as with any of the furniture we offer, the wood species you choose is one of the biggest factors in the final price. Oak is always our most economical option and is available in more than 20 stain colors. For usually about 10% more, we offer brown maple, rustic cherry, and rustic quartersawn white oak. Our top-grade cherry and quartersawn white oak are typically 30-40% more expensive than oak, and our most expensive option, top-grade walnut, can cost up to 70% more than oak.

The next biggest factor is the design of the furniture itself. A very simple style without much ornamentation will obviously cost less than a collection featuring prominent moldings, detailed drawer fronts, and raised panel sides. It’s worth noting that these are just design elements that affect the look of the furniture, not the quality or the performance.

Once you’ve selected your bedroom furniture collection, you’ll need to select the exact pieces needed to fit your home and your needs. This isn’t like a regular furniture store, where there’s just one dresser, one nightstand, one chest of drawers. Almost all of our bedroom pieces are going to be offered in different sizes and configurations. Some styles offer up to six dresser sizes or eight nightstand configurations. It’s easy enough to understand that a bigger dresser costs more than a small one, and so forth. You can usually also save money by choosing an open-style nightstand, or pieces with shelves instead of drawers.

If you’ve read this far, you hopefully can understand why we don’t publish prices on our website. Our small store simply doesn’t have the resources to compile, publish, and update prices for all of the many options we can offer. The only way to know what you’ll actually spend for our built-to-order furniture is to visit our showroom, where we can take the time to help you through the selection process. However, for your reference only, here are some prices for our most popular bedrooms, as we have them displayed in our store. These are five-piece groupings including a queen bed, dresser, mirror, chest or bureau, and nightstand. We price everything a la carte, so you get the best deal by buying only the pieces you need. Remember, these are only guidelines, and not a guarantee. Your price may be higher or lower than what is shown here. And remember, prices and offerings are subject to change.

Choices is a great budget option, featuring a very simple design with little ornamentation. The matching dowel bed is very affordable due to its open design.

Pictured in Brown Maple in OCS121 Smoke, Displayed in our showroom in Brown Maple in OCS113 Michaels.

$990 Queen Dowel Bed (Headboard 46in H, Footboard 36in H) $1435 7-Drawer Dresser (63in W x 21in D x 36in H) $315 Mirror (44in W x 41 1/2in H) $1305 6-Drawer Chest (37in W x 21in D x 54in H) $530 3-Drawer Nightstand (22in W x 19in D x 28in H) $4575 Total (plus tax & delivery)

Brooklyn is our all-time best seller. Designed with sleek lines and inset details, Brooklyn is an expansive collection with lots of options.

Pictured in Rustic Cherry in OCS113 Michaels. Our showroom display includes the Deluxe Bed, which is about six inches taller than the panel bed pictured here, and features a mirror with leaded glass.

$1500 Queen Deluxe Bed (Headboard 64in H, Footboard 27in H) $1690 Tall Dresser (66in W x 20 1/4in D x 43 1/4in H) $630 Deluxe Mirror with Leaded Glass (57in W x 32in H) $1560 Chest on Chest (39in W x 20 1/4in D x 63in H) $550 2-Drawer Nightstand (21 1/2in W x 20 1/4in D x 26 1/2in H) $5930 Total (plus tax & delivery)

Introduced in 2017, Marcella is one of our newest collections. This premium style features stunning details, underbed storage drawer rails, and hidden compartments.

Pictured and displayed in our showroom in Rustic Cherry in OCS117 Asbury.

$2940 Queen Storage Bed $1975 Mule Dresser (62in W x 21 3/4in D x 47in H) $495 Mirror (45 3/4in W x 35 1/2in H) $1620 Bureau (41in W x 21 3/4in D x 57in H) $785 3-Drawer Nightstand (25 1/2in w x 19 3/4in d x 30 1/2in H) $7815 Total (plus tax & delivery)

All this being said, if you have a certain budget in mind, just let us know! We can help you find solutions in your price range. We may be able to suggest similar styles or other options at better price points. Visit us today for your personalized quote, guaranteed for 30 days.


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