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  • Chelsea J Marshall

What You Need to Know Before Selecting Rustic Wood Varieties

In addition to their top-grain counterparts, we offer Rustic Cherry & Rustic Quartersawn White Oak on many of our pieces. These rustic varieties are characterized by markings that are inherent in natural wood.

Rustic Cherry Wood

Rustic Cherry Wood

Rustic Quartersawn White Oak

Rustic Quartersawn White Oak

As a tree grows, various factors and environmental conditional will affect the grain pattern of the wood. Knots, pits, and wormholes are common and natural characteristics of real wood. When building furniture in top-grain species, our builders carefully select the most consistent boards, with the fewest irregularities.

Rustic Cherry Sideboard

Rustic cherry sideboard

Notice the knot in the right door

When a customer selects a rustic wood variety, like Rustic Cherry or Rustic Quartersawn White Oak, the builders don’t sort out the boards with irregularities. This means that the furniture will show knots, pits, and other irregularities intrinsic to natural wood. Large knots will be filled with an epoxy. Any knots occurring on moldings or any carved or rounded details on the furniture may feel rough to the touch.

Rustic Quartersawn White Oak TV Stand

Rustic quartersawn TV stand

Rustic Cherry Jewelry Armoire

Rustic cherry jewelry armoire

These markings are not defects in the material, but part of the nature of real wood. Please be sure to ask your salesperson to show you full-sized furniture pieces in your chosen wood & stain. All pieces are built-to-order and we cannot accept returns due to dissatisfaction in grain pattern, markings, or coloring.

Rustic Quartersawn White Oak Dresser

Rustic quartersawn dresser

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