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  • Chelsea J Marshall

Pub Tables: Taking Dining to New Heights

The New Amsterdam Pub Table and Archback Swivel Bar Stools are shown in brown maple

Table Height

Tables can come in one of three standard heights - dining, counter, or bar height – with chairs and stools available at corresponding heights. From an ergonomic standpoint, a chair is a good fit if your knees can bend at a 90 degree angle with your thighs parallel to the ground and your feet resting on the floor. An 18” seat height is common because it fits that criteria for the most people. Tables are most comfortable at 12” higher than their corresponding chairs, thus the 30” dining table became the standard for comfortable dining.

The Sylvan Pub Table and Arrow-Back Bar Chairs are shown in oak

Pub tables, on the other hand, are meant to invoke the fun, casual atmosphere of your favorite watering hole. The raised height is meant to mimic standing, as if you were seated at the bar, chatting face-to-face with your bartender. The term “pub table” can refer to a counter height table (36” high) or a bar height table (42” high). Counter height tables, as the name suggests, are the same height as your kitchen countertops, making them a popular choice in small homes, where they can easily pull double-duty as an additional work surface.

The Bostonian Pub Table and Feather-back Bar Chairs are shown in cherry

Any Table can be a Pub Table

Because all of our furniture is built-to-order, you can choose a high top table with all the same options of our regular dining tables. This includes your choice of top size and shape, number of leaves, and, of course, wood and stain. Because pub table sets are popular for small auxiliary dining or gathering spaces, they are most common as square or round. Round tables require a pedestal base, while square tables are usually built on legs. For a real statement in a big kitchen, consider a large pub table, built to accommodate 6-8 people. This is especially effective if you can match up its size with a kitchen island.

The Tribeca Pub Table and Brookfield Bar Chairs are shown in brown maple

Any Chair can be a Bar Stool

Just like any of our dining sets, you can mix-and-match your favorite bar stools with your favorite pub table. You can also easily match standard-height dining chairs with bar stools, perhaps to accommodate two different areas in a great room, or to match your dinette with your kitchen bar stools. For very small spaces, we can also order backless bar stools, with styles ranging from square to round and saddle stool styles.

The Oasis Pub Table and Shaker Bar Chairs are shown in oak

Our barstools can come with plenty of different options to suit your preferences. Some people prefer swivel bar stools, which can be easier to get in and out of, as you can swivel away from the table without moving the stool itself. Other people prefer stationary bar chairs, especially if they have children or frequent young guests, who often cannot sit still, causing problems with swivel stools. Many styles are available in your choice of wood or padded seats.

The Wheatland Pub Table and Sheaf-back Bar Chairs are shown in oak

Want to learn more? Stop by our showroom in the mall at Pittsburgh Mills. There you’ll be able to see our builders’ work, including more than a dozen tables and almost 50 chair styles, most available at pub height. Our associates will walk you through the steps in selecting the perfect pub set, built just for you!

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