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  • Chelsea J Marshall

5 Unique Ways to Store your Rifles, Guns, and Firearms

Fall has officially arrived. Here in Western PA, this means hunting season! Whether with a rifle, bow, or trap, hunting is an important family tradition for many in our area. Safe storage is an important consideration for any hunter, or for any firearm owner in general. Our Amish builders offer a wide variety of options for rifle and handgun storage. You can chose to display your collection, or conceal your weapons with our builders’ innovative hidden storage cabinets. Either way, you get to choose your favorite American hardwood – traditional red oak, contemporary brown maple, rich cherry, or stunning quartersawn white oak – and finish it with the perfect stain to match your home. Our builders use high-quality hardware and time-honored construction techniques for strong, sturdy cabinets that hold up for years. All gun and rifle cabinets come with locks standard.

Gun Cabinets & Displays

Sliding Door 6 Gun Cabinet Cherry Washington

31 1/2in W x 14 3/4in D x 72 1/2in H (stores 6 guns)

39 1/2in W x 14 3/4in D x 72 1/2in H (stores 8 guns)

Glass display cabinets are beautiful options to show off your collection! Highlight your rifles with integrated LED puck lights on a touch switch for convenient control. Use the enclosed drawer to store ammunition and other supplies.

Swivel 12 Gun Cabinet

72 1/2in H, 25 1/2in wall space (stores 6 guns)

30 1/4in wall space (stores 8 guns)

32in wall space (stores 10 guns)

34 1/2in wall space (stores 12 guns)

When selecting your gun cabinet, it is important to consider both your space limitations as well as the size of your collection. Is your collection still growing? You may want to consider extra space to store new rifles down the road. Tight on space? Cabinets with swivel bases let you easily store and access more rifles in smaller spaces, especially in the corner gun cabinet shown above.

Easton 8 Gun Cabinet

42in W x 17in D x 77in H (stores 8 guns)

The best thing about our built-to-order gun cabinets is that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to safely store and display your weapons. Choose upgrades like decorative glass or signature knobs. Styles can range from rustic, like the Easton Gun Cabinet, shown above in red oak with etched glass, perfect for your hunting lodge, to refined, like the Mt Eaton Gun Cabinet, shown below, which could easily fit in any home.

Mt. Eaton 10 Gun Cabinet

52in W x 17in D x 84in H (stores 10 guns)

Creative Concealed Solutions

Instead of (or, perhaps, in addition to) displaying your collection, you may choose to secure your weapons in more discreet ways. Built by the same family that makes our popular jewelry cheval mirrors, we offer rifle cabinets and gun cabinets hidden behind freestanding full-length mirrors.

Shaker Rifle Leaner Mirror

20in W x 10 1/4in D x 63 1/2in H

There are seven styles of leaner mirrors available as rifle cabinets. These rifle cabinets hold 6 rifles or shotguns and 2 hand guns. A Vel-tex backer allows two holsters to be arranged to your liking. The shelf depth is 9 1/4 in on these rifle cabinets, which will accommodate rifles or shotguns with scopes. The barrel holders are covered with self-adhesive felt for protection.

Antique Shaker Gun Cabinet Cheval Mirror

Antique Shaker Gun Cabinet Cheval Mirror

26in W x 18in D x 70 1/2in H

There are fifteen styles of cheval mirrors available as gun cabinets. These gun cabinets feature four movable holsters and two shelves for ammunition and supplies. Additional holsters may be ordered.

Child proof magnetic locks are a standard feature on all Leaner Mirror Rifle Cabinets and Cheval Mirror Gun Cabinets. These magnetic locks are concealed locks that use a magnetic key to open the lock. Beveled mirrors are standard.

Of course, firearms are used for more than just hunting and sport. Many homeowners choose to keep a handgun nearby for personal defense. Many of our popular bedroom collections are available with a concealed gun tray in the nightstand. Hidden under a sliding top, your weapon is stored conveniently while being hidden from intruders.

Hidden Gun Tray under nightstand top

Hidden Gun Tray under nightstand top

New for 2016

Inspired by the success of the Leaner Mirror Rifle Cabinets and Cheval Mirror Gun Cabinets, our builders have introduced two new gun cabinets with concealed storage. Like the mirrors, these gun cabinets hide storage behind other functions.

Cambridge Bookcase Gun Cabinet

Cambridge Bookcase Gun Cabinet

36in W x 22in D x 72 1/2in H

This handcrafted bookcase has a secret to keep! Fill its adjustable shelves with your favorite books and displays – no one needs to know about its hidden slide-out cabinet. The sliding gun rack and bottom doors come standard with locks.

Cambridge Bookcase Gun Cabinet, shown open

Cambridge Bookcase Gun Cabinet, shown open

Sedona Hall Seat Gun Cabinet

Sedona Hall Seat Gun Cabinet

48in W x 22 3/4in D x 72 3/4in H

Our other new gun cabinet features rifle storage behind an attractive and useful hall seat. Ideal for your entry or mud room, a hall seat offers hooks for coats and bags plus a bench with storage underneath. Using a magnetic key, the Sedona Hall Seat Gun Cabinet swings open to reveal a gun rack to accommodate up to 9 rifles.

Sedona Hall Seat Gun Cabinet, shown open

Sedona Hall Seat Gun Cabinet, shown open

American-made means built to last

No matter what style of Amish-crafted gun cabinet you select, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen an American-made product that is built-to-last. How do you store your firearms?

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