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  • Chelsea J Marshall

Picking Up Your Furniture: Is it worth the money saved?

We understand that some customers may prefer to pick up their own furniture. On smaller orders, involving furniture that one person can easily lift & move, this is a very reasonable way to save some money. However, the larger the order, the more valuable our delivery service becomes. Customers who opt to pick up their furniture need to understand their responsibilities in the pick-up process.

Customers must be prepared to move their furniture from our storage area and load their vehicle on their own, without the assistance of our sales staff. For this reason, we always ask that you bring at least two people when picking up your furniture. We will direct you to park in our loading area, which is roughly 50 yards from our storage area. We do have 4-wheel dollies available for you to use. We also advise customers to bring moving pads or blankets to protect their furniture in transit. Furniture is not wrapped or boxed in any significant way.

Although most of our furniture comes fully assembled, there are several types that always require some assembly in the customer’s home. For example, a dining table top will come separate from the legs or base. The final assembly itself is pretty simple – you just need to bolt a few pieces together. The hard part is lifting and flipping your new table into place. Other types of furniture that require some final assembly include beds (bolt headboard and footboard to side rails, insert slats), china cabinets (or anything with a hutch top), dresser mirrors (brackets and mirror are bolted onto dresser inside the home), entertainment walls (delivered as center console and hutch top with side bookcases), and L-desks or U-desks.

Finally, customers who pick up furniture are responsible for any and all damage that occurs after the furniture has left our storage area. This includes not only damage to the furniture, but also any potential damage to the vehicle during loading and unloading, or damage to the home. You will be asked to fully inspect the furniture – inside and out - before you load it into your vehicle. Sadly, if you notice damage after you’ve gotten home, there’s no way for us to know if the damage happened before or after you’ve picked it up, and we won't be able to cover it. Additionally, if you notice damage at the time of pickup, you must leave the item in our storage area for repair.

The Value in our Delivery Service

On the other hand, our delivery service takes care of all of these issues for you. We partner with Weleski Transfer in Tarentum to handle all of our home deliveries, and we get consistent positive feedback about their delivery crew. They bring all your furniture into your home, up any stairs if necessary, and handle final assembly. Not only do they save you the heavy lifting, but using their service also means that we cover any damage that may occur to your new furniture or to your home during delivery. We offer home delivery throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area starting at $95 (final delivery price is based on delivery location and items to be delivered.)

Dining Room After Delivery. From the customer: "The delivery guys were great. They were kind, courteous, friendly, professional, and appeared to know what they were doing."

The decision to pick up your furniture or have it delivered will be based on a number of factors, but on a big order, it might be the best money you’ll spend. Our sales staff can help you understand what will be involved in picking up and assembling your particular order. Visit us in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills.


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