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  • Chelsea J Marshall

The Pros and Cons of Buying Amish Furniture

There’s so much furniture available nowadays that it can be very overwhelming to make a decision. Any store will tell you that their furniture is the best, but what can you believe? The truth is that every home and every family is different, so what’s “best” for one household might be the wrong choice for their neighbors.

There’s pros and cons to everything. So what are the pros and cons of buying Amish furniture?

Pro: Our furniture is constructed of solid wood, for the ultimate in strength and durability.

The beauty of solid hardwood is on the outside, but under the surface lies a combination of strength, flexibility, and durability that cannot be matched by synthetic or engineered substitutes.

Brooklyn Tall Dresser, built in solid cherry wood

Con: Solid wood, though durable, isn’t maintenance-free or indestructible.

To properly maintain your Amish furniture, we suggest the following: Always dust with a damp cloth (dry dusting can scratch small dust particles into the finish). Use a high-quality furniture polish (no wax or silicone – we carry Guardsman and Heirloom Essentials) approximately every two months to keep wood moist and prevent splitting. Use a wood furniture cleaner about once a year to remove build-up (always follow cleaner with polish.) Although our furniture is quite durable, the finish can be scratched or dented. We recommend using placemats or tablecloths, felt pads, or decorative doilies to protect your furniture. Never slide or drag dishes or other items across your furniture.

The Amish Home carries Guardsman and Heirloom Essentials Furniture Care Products

Pro: Our furniture is proudly Made in America.

It’s made in Holmes County, Ohio, to be exact. Plus, all the lumber used is also grown in North America, with a goal of sourcing as much wood as possible within 500 miles of the builders’ shops.

Con: Our styles are limited to what can be constructed of solid American hardwoods.

This means no book-matched cathedral wood tabletops or intricate marquetry, although you will occasionally see a very simple inlay accent. That also means that there’s no options for exotic woods, like teak, zebrawood, or mango wood.

Pro: Our builders offer lots of options to modify or customize their styles.

For starters, everything we offer comes in your choice of wood and stain – there is no “standard” finish on any products. Things like dining tables and bookcases are priced in six-inch size increments and available in custom sizes. There’s options to upgrade hardware, include hidden compartments, or add extra shelves. If you have something special in mind, talk to one of our furniture experts. We can work off our builders’ existing designs to find the perfect solution for you.

Wastebasket Upgrade in our Kitchen Islands

Con: Our furniture has a long lead time.

Very simply, it takes us approximately 60-120 days to deliver your furniture. Our Amish builders craft everything on a first-come-first-served basis, as they feel it is unfair to make one customer wait to prioritize another. If the lead time is a major problem, consider our Express Options or Floor Model Specials.

Are you still trying to decide if Amish furniture is the best choice for your home? Visit us in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills and we’ll help guide you to the right decision.


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