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Hide Your Clutter: A guide to enclosed desk styles

Several weeks ago, we talked about different types of desks for your office. Although each desk was uniquely suited for a specific need, they all had one thing in common: an open, accessible work surface. This is great for a dedicated home office, or for in your child’s bedroom. But, in many homes, a desk is desired, or necessary, in a common area, like a living room, dining room, or foyer area. In these cases, one of our many styles of enclosed desks can make a stylish addition while hiding a chaotic work area.

Roll top Desk

The Valley Roll Top Desk is shown in oak

Available in six sizes ranging from 50”W x 26”D to 68”W x 30”D, all 47 ½”H

See store for details

The classic roll top desk is an old favorite. The name comes from the way the cover, known as the “tambour,” rolls up & down, to hide or expose the work space. The tambour is made of thin strips of wood attached to a flexible backing. Not only is it handy for hiding a messy work surface, but the classic styling looks stately in living rooms, dining rooms, or other spaces outside a formal office. If security is an issue, a lock can be added to the tambour.

The Queen Anne Roll Top is shown in oak

31”W x 16”D x 43 ½”H

Also available 25”W

Roll top desks are typically quite large and built on a pedestal or double-pedestal base. However, any desk with a rolling tambour is still considered a roll top desk. Smaller models can be useful in foyers or as family command centers. Larger models are sometimes built with decorative cabinets above the tambour, or on an L-shaped base.

The Fifth Avenue Executive Corner Roll Top is shown in cherry

78”W x 75”D x 85”H

Slant-top and Secretary Desks

The Mission Slant Top Desk is shown in oak

32”W x 18 ½”D x 43”H

The terms “slant top” and “secretary” are used interchangeably now-a-days, but they aren’t quite the same thing. A slant-top desk is as shown above, and refers to any sort of desk with a slanted surface that opens flat to create a workspace. Like a roll top desk, it is very useful in areas like a foyer or living room, where you need a small work space or family command center, but want to hide the mess inside a beautiful piece of furniture. However, it is much more compact than a typical roll top.

The Traditional Slant Top Desk is shown in oak

31 ½”W x 16 ½”D x 42”H

Because the slanted piece hinges forward to create a work surface, these types of desks do not have a kneehole, and can hide more storage. Conversely, to close the desk, you must clear part of the work surface, as opposed to a roll top, where you can leave everything as is, and simply close the tambour.

The Premium Secretary is shown in cherry

33 ½”W x 16 ½”D x 73”H

A secretary desk is a specific type of slant top desk. A true secretary desk is tall and has cabinets above the slant top. These cabinets are typically built with wood doors for extra hidden storage, but could certainly have glass doors for decorative storage.

The Regal Secretary Desk is shown in cherry

53”W x 20 ½”D x 88”H

Armoire Desk

The Mt Eaton Petite Computer Armoire is shown in quartersawn white oak

46”W x 21”D x 54”H

Sometimes, you need to keep your work space incognito. Armoire desks are a perfect answer! Built to look like a regular cabinet, they open to reveal a workspace with computer area, keyboard tray, paper sorters, and more!

The Mt Eaton Petite Computer Armoire, open

These are especially excellent for families with children. By choosing a desk that can sit in a family area, like the living room or dining room, children can have a dedicated computer space outside of their bedrooms, allowing parents to monitor their children’s computer & internet activity.

Our Amish builders create such a large variety of desks that, unfortunately, we can only show a fraction of what is available online. Please contact us if you have questions about a specific model, or stop by our showroom to view our builders’ full line and options!

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