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Storage Beds: What Do You Keep Under Your Bed?

One of the most common complaints that people have about their homes is a lack of storage. While this is true almost everywhere, it’s an exceptionally common problem here in Pittsburgh, with many old homes built without modern conveniences and considerations. Furthermore, new city residences, like those popping up in areas like Downtown, East Liberty, and Lawrenceville, plus popular townhouse communities are all built to maximize comfort in minimal space.

One great way to maximize your space is with a storage bed frame! Our Amish builders recognize the demand for high-quality storage bedroom sets, and have responded with a great selection of options for storage bed frames. Generally, we can add storage to any of our beds; however, each builder has their own specific store bed designs. Our associates can help you understand which headboards are available with which storage bed frames.

Underbed Drawer Boxes

English Shaker Bedroom Furniture Collection|English Shaker Spindle Bed wih Underbed Storage Drawers, Mule Dresser with Mirror, 2 Drawer 1 Door nightstand, Man's Chest|Solid Brown Maple in Michaels OCS113|The Amish Home|Amish Furniture at the Pittsburgh Mills

The English Shaker bedroom suite is shown with underbed storage drawers in brown maple

Dresser: 63”W x 22”D x 43”H

Mirror: 42”W x 32”H

Man’s Chest: 50”W x 20”D x 51”H

Nightstand: 21 1/2”W x 18”D x 32 1/2”H

You get the most storage out of our underbed box systems, which extend the entire way to the floor. These storage bed bases typically consist of some combination of drawers, doors, and cubby holes. The bed shown above has three drawers along each side. However, you can choose to replace the drawer closest to the head of the bed with an open cubby, as shown below. This option is better if you’ll be using nightstands, as it will allow you to still reach inside.

Park Avenue Storage Bed|Brown Maple in Rich Tobacco OCS228|Headboard 51in H, footboard 18in H|The Amish Home|Amish Furniture at the Pittsburgh Mills

The Park Avenue Bed is shown with underbed storage drawers in brown maple

Side storage drawers are most appropriate in large rooms with adequate width for opening & accessing the drawers. Remember, you not only need space to open the drawers, but you need additional space to stand (or kneel!) while you access the contents. Because of this, we recommend you plan at least 40” on each side of storage bed frame with drawers on the side. In some room layouts, drawers in the footboard make better use of the space. One of our most popular craftsmen builds a storage bed frame with footboard drawers and doors on the side of the bed, shown below. This smart storage bed design maximizes storage space with drawers that extend from the footboard halfway back the bed frame, ending only at the two doors on each side, which enclose a cubby storage space that extends back to the headboard. This impressive design contains about 15.5 cubic feet of underbed storage space – that’s the equivalent of over 115 gallons!

Empire Mission Bed with underbed storage|Quartersawn White Oak in Michaels OCS113|Headboard 52 1/2in H, footboard in H|The Amish Home|Amish Furniture at the Pittsburgh Mills

The Empire Mission Bed is shown with underbed drawers and cubbies in quartersawn white oak

Rail Systems

There are pros and cons to the underbed drawer box units that extend all the way to the floor. They maximize storage space, and they also eliminate the tendency for things to get lost under the bed. On the other hand, you can’t clean underneath them (this bothers some people more than others), they can be difficult for short people to get in to, and, aesthetically speaking, they are visually heavy. The other option is our rail storage systems, which are raised a few inches off the floor but have the same platform height, meaning a reduction in the height of the storage drawers.

The Duchess bedroom suite is shown with underbed rail storage system in rustic cherry

Dresser: 66”W x 20 5/8”D x 43 1/2”H

Mirror: 53 1/2”W x 38”H

Chest: 38 3/4”W x 20 5/8”D x 56 1/2”H

Nightstand: 25”W x 20 7/8”D x 30”H

Bookcase Headboards

Bookcase beds can be simple design elements, or they can be part of a bigger storage wall. Bookcase beds in twin of full sizes are popular for children’s rooms, but they can also be beautifully decorated for master bedrooms as well.

The Latrobe Springs Bookcase Storage Bed is shown in brown maple

Bigger systems are available as well, which can incorporate bookcases, cubbies, mirrors, hutches, and lights into the headboard, often with side cabinets to replace the need for nightstands. These systems alone will often offer enough storage space, or finish out the room with matching dressers, chests, and armoires.

The Traditional Spacesaver Bedroom set is shown in oak

Other Considerations

There are a few more things to consider before you buy a storage bed. First, you should know that our storage beds are built with a platform, which eliminates the need for a box spring or foundation under the mattress. Our storage bed designs will accommodate standard mattresses, however, if you are using one of our storage bed frames with a specialty mattress, it is the customer’s responsibility to detail all requirements so our associates can help determine if the mattress will be compatible with our storage bed frames. Examples include adjustable and inflatable mattresses. We recommend our Amish-built mattresses, which are 368 coil unit mattresses and two-sided, so you can flip the mattress to extend its life span. You won’t, however, need to worry about storage bed assembly instructions. Our delivery service includes set-up in your prepared room.

As always, this is only a small fraction of the storage bed frames available. Stop by our showroom in the mall at Pittsburgh Mills to see our full range of options!

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